Case 06 / Nos Fonté
A new perspective on management consulting
Client: Case 06 / Nos Fonté
Service: Brand Strategy, Identity Design
Role: Lead Consultant, Designer
Agency/Partner LWC
Year: 2019


Nos Fonté, which loosely translates to New Fountain, is a new management consulting firm that offers strategic investment advisory services to businesses across various industries in the Sub Saharan region. The principals (former partners in one of the big 5s) knew the importance of establishing a strong image in order to set themselves apart in a highly competitive space that is mostly dominated by multinationals.

The Brief

One of my clients had referred this firm to me, and after a brief discovery call with one of the principals, it was clear that I could help and that we were a good fit. During our call I explained to them why a brand strategy would be the best (if not the only) place to start in order to develop a strong identity.

In the weeks that followed, I put together a small team and we ran a workshop with client, during which we did an analysis of the target audience, competitors, and industry trends. We identified key insights that would in turn inform strategy.

In the end, we positioned Nos Fonté as a forward-thinking and innovative consulting firm that had a different approach to management consulting. A firm that aimed to "shift perspective".


After further design research on the market leaders and other related brands, I set out to create a visual identity that would launch, and represent this new and fresh player in the investment advisory arena.


The result was a unique marquee and visual language that is minimalist and modern. It features a unique icon that captures the Nos Fonté's spirit of innovation in this space. The color palette (Rich Dark Green and Gold) was carefully selected to convey a sense of sophistication, trustworthiness, and expertise.

The brand identity was applied across various touchpoints, including business cards, stationery, and large format installations.

Project Images

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